Dr. Kabul Gupta, was an eminent Astrologer & Erudite scholar of Indian Philosophy and Science, who practiced Astrology from 1963 - 2018.

Before his birth, his Astrologer father Shri Souren Gupta predicted that "Amar Tritiya Putra Kha Vidya-te Shahadeb bot parodorshi hobe" (my third son will be efficient like Sahadeb of Mahabharata (a legend of Astrology) in Sky Science, i.e. Astrology).

Shri Gupta started learning Astrology under the able guidance of his eminent father Shri Souren Gupta when he was only 17 years of age. After completing Bachelor of Science in 1964 from Calcutta University, Shri Gupta started practicing Astrology professionally.

He was awarded the title "Jyotisharnab", highest degree on Astrology and also many such astrological degrees. He is acknowledged for his original thinking in Astrology with complete scientific approach by the Scientists and Educationists of the Government of India.

He assisted his father in many of his books apart from his own article "Shokoler Jaana Uchit" which was published in 1981 in both Bengali and English version.

He was honored to give lectures at many Astrological Conferences as well as Chief Guest of Rotary Club on Astrology in 1980, International Calendar Exhibition Society, TV Channels, etc. Apart from ASTROLOGY Shri Gupta is associated with various corporate as Director, Advisor to the Board of Directors.

He was one of the finest and respected intellectuals under whose guideline many people became eminent and successful. His father Shri Souren Gupta was a Member of the Board of the Calcutta Stock Exchange in the early 1940’s.

He was the decendant of the renowned Medical Professional (Kabiraj or Ayurveda) Kabiraj Raj Chandra Gupta. There is a street in North Kolkata named after Shri Raj Chandra Gupta’s decendant Kabiraj Abinash Chandra Gupta as “Abinash Kabiraj Street”. Shri Kabul Gupta is also the nephew of the famous Bengali Writer Padma Shri, Jnanpith, DLitt & Deshikottama Awardee Shrimati Ashapurna Devi.

After completing Graduation Degree in Science from the famous Calcutta University in early 60’s, he started his career as a Teacher.

Dr.Kabul Gupta was associated with the famous India Fan Group since 1971 who were the first Television makers in India. He was also Director of Bally Investment Trust.

He was considered as an eminent figure of astrology with sincerity, dedication and honesty.