Astrologers Since 1933

Dr.Ranaraj K Gupta, grandson of Shri Souren Gupta and the son of Shri Kabul Gupta learnt Astrology for more than two decades under the tutorship of his eminent father. He is practicing Astrology since 1993.
He is an extraordinary brilliant student in academics with original thinking. He is Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Communication Engineering from The West Bengal University of Technology. Being a Doctor also, he stood first in Foreign Language, Russian (Senior) receiving award from Hon'ble Higher Education Minister, Govt. of West Bengal.
Dr.Ranaraj K Gupta is a Guest Faculty to render his expertise to the students of the course 'Medical Instrumentation', University Science Instrumentation Centre, Calcutta University, Kolkata. He is also Examiner of Russian Language and External Specialist of School of Languages and Culture, Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata.

Besides Astrology Dr.Ranaraj K Gupta is Member of Apex Committee of Department of Science & Technlogy, Government of India.
Shri Ranaraj K Gupta is the only disciple of Shri Kabul Gupta.
Many eminent personalities including Presidents of various countries, Prime Ministers, Chief Ministers, Ministers, Film personalities, Government officials, industrialists took able guidance of Shri Souren Gupta and Shri Kabul Gupta. Dr.Ranaraj K Gupta got opportunity to gather experiences due to his extremely eminent father. They were always pleased with the predictions, gem suggestions and advices rendered to them by Dr.Ranaraj K Gupta. Dr.Ranaraj K Gupta is Managing Director of VISION.


• He is doing excellent work helping to develop medical instrument such as ventilators…..He has very good understanding of the physical working principles of such equipment and showed unusual clarity in explaining this…I’m sure that he will have bright future as an engineer and technologist .................Prof. D.N.Bose F.A.Sc, F.N.A., Emeritus Scientist, 2006.
• I have no hesitation in saying that Shri Gupta carries with him the impression of a zealous engineering entrepreneur, in whom capability of a very high order has been blended with rich classical voice, on one hand, and infallible affability of manners, on the other…… Dr. Soven Ray, Professor & Head, National Institute of Technical Teachers’ Training & Research (under Ministry of H.R.D., Govt. of India, 2005).
• He has been an outstanding student all throughout his educational career….he developed special skills in emerging areas such as VLSI design, Mobile Computing, Advanced Bio-Medical Instrumentation, He has clear understanding of his subject with lucid expressions and strong command over language both oral and script. He is sincere, hardworking…willing to learn new things and practice through experimentation….With his qualities and enthusiasm, he has a great potential to emerge as a true professional……… (Dr. Pawan Kapur, Director, Central Scientific Instruments Organisation, Chandigarh, 2006).
• He is capable of independent thinking and will shine as an engineer… Dr.Anima Sen, Course Co-ordinator, Biomedical Instrumentation, Calcutta University, 2007).